I “heart” ELT. That about sums it up. I am Head of English Language Training at a French telecommunications firm and have been in ELT since 2003. Mexico City, Lille and Paris have been my ELT stomping grounds. In my back pocket a B.A. from McGill and an M.A. in TESL/TEFL from the Univ. of Birmingham (UK). I am also a member of the TESOL France executive committee.

Through this blog I hope to share my classroom experiences and insights on ELT. My posts will focus on ELT theory as well as provide practical tips for Business English teachers.


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  • Lewis

    Hi Eric,

    Very happy that I stumbled upon you blog as there are so many great ideas for a newbee like me (the joy and simplicity of post-it notes). I am also extremely interested in returning back to France in the not-so-distant future to continue my career in ESL but find it very difficult to find jobs there let alone apply for them. Do you have any suggestions as to which avenue would be the best to take if this is where I aspire to work? Masters? Business English? Cities?

    Many thanks


  • Daniella Samama

    Hi Eric,

    As Lewis wrote almost exactly a year ago, I’m also very happy to have stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been visiting it regularly over the last few months and finally built up the courage to send you this message. (I’m not a seasoned blogger/tweeter/twitter or whatever). I enjoyed the conference that you gave in Paris (I unfortunately only got to see it on your site, and not live). Maybe our paths will cross one day, as I’m also in Paris and have been teaching Business English here for about 15 years! I’m fully into the pedagogical side of things, and really enjoy reading up and trying out different techniques.Your entry about creating the teacher-training session was particularly interesting, especially as I might be doing the same kind of thing in a couple weeks/months. Anyway, thought I’d break the ice and let you know that you have another fellow follower in Paris! Take care, Daniella

    • eshalvorsen

      Hi Daniella,
      Thanks for your comment and for your loyal readership ! 🙂 Also thank you for taking the time to watch my talk online.
      Where do you teach? What types of classes? I would love to hear more about your teaching context and your teacher training project.
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Daniella Samama

    Hi again! Thanks for the quick answer! Well, I teach in a private company and spend most of my time teaching at the Banque de France. The lessons are very student-focused and we really target them around their business needs. Probably pretty much the same thing you do there, right? My boss has recently mentioned a project of teacher-training for our new teachers and we’re busy looking into it. Not so sure how it will work in practice, as you know being paid an hourly rate does not really encourage teachers to add extra (unpaid) hours in order to be “trained”…but we’re still working on it….and it is something I would really enjoy doing. I think after so many years of trial and error (and success, too!), it’s nice to be able to share one’s experience. I’m really impressed that you managed to get an in-house job with your company; it sounds very appealing. Would love to know how you got it 🙂 , Bye for now, Daniella

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