I “heart” ELT. That about sums it up. I am Head of English Language Training at a French telecommunications firm and have been in ELT since 2003. Mexico City, Lille and Paris have been my ELT stomping grounds. In my back pocket a B.A. from McGill and an M.A. in TESL/TEFL from the Univ. of Birmingham (UK). I am also a member of the TESOL France executive committee.

Through this blog I hope to share my classroom experiences and insights on ELT. My posts will focus on ELT theory as well as provide practical tips for Business English teachers.


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  • Lewis

    Hi Eric,

    Very happy that I stumbled upon you blog as there are so many great ideas for a newbee like me (the joy and simplicity of post-it notes). I am also extremely interested in returning back to France in the not-so-distant future to continue my career in ESL but find it very difficult to find jobs there let alone apply for them. Do you have any suggestions as to which avenue would be the best to take if this is where I aspire to work? Masters? Business English? Cities?

    Many thanks


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